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About Evergreen Athlete

Evergreen Athlete works side-by-side with athletes, breaking the cycle of how to think about, and manage money. We work alongside our clients, doing our best to ensure they develop a healthy financial future while following their dreams

We are an advisor that keeps your best interests at the center. While some guidance for athletes can be hard to trust, working with a fiduciary provides a high standard of accountability in matters that pertain to your money. Evergreen's core business is in long-term asset management, so we are always planning for the future and not just the now. Whether you are in the prime of your career or thinking about life after the game, we are here to help you and advise you through your journey.


When the average playing career is only so long, it is vital to build and protect your earnings from the start. We add another level of support, guidance, and trust in your life. ​We try to alleviate any financial stress and anxiety from your life, allowing you to focus on being the best on the court or field.

Let us guide you


We do the heavy lifting

Our goal is to simplify your life and help you avoid financial mistakes by making efficient and effective decisions. When it comes to preserving wealth, we will assist you with your current situation and walk you through post-career opportunities. Use our circle to enhance yours.

About Evergreen Gavekal

Evergreen Gavekal is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA*) serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. Since 1983, one key directive has guided how we operate: the unwavering commitment to our clients and their investments. Our strategic array of financial services provides a wide spectrum of investment solutions to tackle today’s increasingly complex global markets. We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships where clients view us not simply as investment professionals, but also as their trusted partners. Our entire team is working toward the same goal: a secure financial future for our clients. At Evergreen, we believe superior communication is at the foundation of success for an investor. While each of our client’s pursuits is unique, Evergreen puts their interests above all else.