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Evergreen Gavekal is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. Since 1983, one key directive has guided how we operate: the unwavering commitment to our clients and their investments. Our strategic array of financial services provides a wide spectrum of investment solutions to tackle today’s increasingly complex global markets.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships where clients view us not simply as investment professionals, but also as their trusted partners. Our entire team is working toward the same goal: a secure financial future for our clients. At Evergreen, we believe superior communication is at the foundation of success for an investor. While each of our client’s pursuits is unique, Evergreen puts their interests above all else.


We understand the fact that life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and real people need practical solutions to complex financial problems. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to addressing these wide-ranging needs. From helping a client sell a business to a change in marital status, we help clients navigate the daunting financial implications that accompany serious life events. Having an in-house team of professionals across various disciplines means we can streamline the process and reduce the expenses associated with complex financial situations.


Financial markets have, and will continue to, become more globally integrated. With a seemingly infinite amount of information at investor’s fingertips, the challenge to get—and stay—ahead of the investment curve is more challenging than ever. Our investment team has the tools to navigate a portfolio across a broad range of asset classes, anywhere there is value. While most financial institutions resist change, we believe that adapting is key to investor survival. Our strategic partnership with the influential minds at Gavekal Research, a renowned source of glob al macro research, gives us insight into a wealth of actionable ideas and data.



Evergreen Gavekal believes in giving back to our community.