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Your life is dynamic.

Your investment advisor should be, too.


We are a  multi-generational team. 

We have a team built with the goal of preserving your legacy and seeing it through future generations. Work with a firm that has an innovative and energetic approach to managing wealth. 



Dynamic asset management. 

We don't just rebalance; we strive to seize market opportunities. Advanced data analytics allow us to analyze and measure changes in investor behavior. We build our own strategies with individual securities. 



360 degree view financial plan. 

We need to understand who you are and where you want to go. Our planning process is comprehensive, covering retirement, investment, insurance, estate, education, and tax planning.


Global reach with Gavekal Research. 

Clients benefit from the investment team’s access to Gavekal Research, an institutional research provider used by prominent financial institutions of the world. 


Evergreen resolves complexity by addressing clients' needs with a variety of in-house services.


Keeping investments, tax, and financial planning under one roof mitigates the need for the client to coordinate between their various financial professionals.

All-in-one wealth management


Our 7 CFP® professionals build a custom financial plan for every client, revisiting topics like taxes, estate planning, and asset allocation annually. 




Clients choose from a variety of conservative, balanced, and growth-oriented strategies. We are an active manager on both the equity and income side, directed by our robust macroeconomic research.




CPAs and tax advisors not only prepare your tax return, but provide on-going, proactive advice throughout the year to strategically reduce your tax burden.



Family Office

Ultra-high net-worth individuals need an advisor that can handle the complexity of their financial situation.

Our family office team will guide you through any circumstances that come your way. 

Family Office


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About Evergreen Gavekal

We are an independent registered investment advisor (RIA*) serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. Since 1983, one key directive has guided how we operate: the unwavering commitment to our clients and their investments.


Our strategic array of financial services provides a wide spectrum of investment solutions to tackle today’s increasingly complex global markets. We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships where clients view us not simply as investment professionals, but also as their trusted partners.


Our entire team is working toward the same goal: a secure financial future for our clients. At Evergreen, we believe superior communication is at the foundation of success for an investor. While each of our client’s pursuits is unique, Evergreen puts their interests above all else.